DNA Paternity Test Home Kit

Buying a DNA test kit from the Paternity Lab Center offers you the most convenient and private way to find the answers that you are looking for. Our test is 100% accurate and an be done in the privacy of your home.


Maternity DNA Test Home Kit

Are you an adopted child? Have you been the victim of a baby mix-up at a hospital? After years of wondering who your biological mother is, are you ready to know the truth? The Paternity Lab Center is here to help you find the truth with a Maternity DNA Test Home Kit.


Sibling DNA Test Home Kit

Are you interested to know if you share the same two parents with your sibling? Are you interested in proving whether or not a person is your long lost brother or sister? The Paternity Lab Center can help you find the answers to who your true siblings are.


Grandparentage DNA Test Home Kit

Are you a concerned grandparent who has questions as to whether a grandchild is really a part of your family? A Grandparentage DNA testing kit can help you get the answers you're looking for.


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